Rebalancing & Osho Meditations

Gepubliceerd op: 02-04-2021

Rebalancing originally started in the grow-and meditation centre of the Spiritual master Osho. He truly recognized that the human body is the temple of our soul, our true nature. We are not our thoughts, dreams, perceptions or what is playing around in our mind. The head is an important part of our being, but it does not bring us in touch with our real self. The body however can and will if you are willing to open up to it.

Around Osho various western practitioners with a focus to work on/with the body gathered to learn from each other and take the best of each approach for the benefit of Spiritual growth. Rebalancing is influenced by Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Träger approach, Alexander technic, Bio-energetic and Craniosacral therapy.
Osho developed various meditations, especially for Western busy minds; these meditations are ‘dynamic’, using the body actively, in order to help you to shut down your mind and listen to your ‘knowing’ that goes beyond your head. 


You are very welcome to participate in the dynamic meditations of Osho during your stay with us. 
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