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Welcome to a beautiful and quiet green space in the Spanish hills where you can relax, unwind and recharge your battery. 
A place with a quiet energy where we invite you to take part in activities to develop your consciousness.
Get in touch with your true nature and leave with a refreshed body ánd mind. 
Bienvenidos at our Casa de Conciencia!

La Luna Llena, Casa de Conciencia

We hope many people will come and enjoy this precious place.
We welcome you with an open heart, providing a space to get to rest and in touch with your true nature.


The name of our place, La Luna Llena origins from the ‘sendero’ (walking route GR33) that is running next to our entrance road. To us it reflects the qualities of light, spiritual clarity and abundance that is available to all of us.
We love to share this place with everyone who loves nature and appreciates the silence.  You can taste from the various activities we offer.
We aim to provide an energizing stay in which you can create precious moments that support your daily life back home.
Warm welcome at our Casa de Conciencia.

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Rebalancing is a body oriented approach that helps you to get out of your head and better in contact with your body. To discover the wisdom that is stored there. It will help you to overcome physical tensions and pain and make you understand why this is happening to you. Breath-work can support and deepen your experience. You will feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself after a session. Become more conscious of your mechanisms that shape your life.
I warmly invite you to try it in this calm environment.  

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Sound Healing

Ohm puncture Sound Healing supports and stimulates the self-healing power of your body and mind, using tuning forks and Tibetan sound bowls. It helps you discover what needs attention and healing. Next to pure relaxation, the specific sound and vibrations interact with the energy of your body and help to restore harmony and balance between body, soul and mind. You will love it!

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