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Welcome to a beautiful and quiet green space in the Spanish hills where you can relax, unwind and recharge your battery. Welcome to La Luna Llena for your special holiday in Spain! 

The name of our home, La Luna Llena origins from the ‘sendero’ (walking route GR33) that passes  500 meters from our home. Our house is located at the end of a sand road in a beautiful green valley, at the far end of the village of Costur, in the province of Castellón de la Plana (Valencia Province).

Here, some 25 km from the Mediterranean Sea, in the hills, olive and almond trees, combined with pine-trees bloom and create a beautiful green landscape. It is a very private place, as our nearest neighbours live 500 meters away from us. 

We warmly invite you to enjoy a holiday in a quiet off-grid setting.
From our reformed finca you can make nice walks and hikes, go cycling in our hilly backland, visit beautiful old villages and towns, spend some time at the beach and meet the local people and their customs during local festivals. In the evenings you can enjoy the silence outside and enjoy a quiet night within one of our rooms that are completely reformed to attend to your needs. 

We can give your holiday a special touch when you take part in the so-called Personal Development Activities we offer. Activities to get to know yourself better, develop your consciousness and experience a deep relaxation of your body and mind. 

You can choose for a 1-DAY RETREAT or indulge yourself in the 4-DAY RETREATS we offer. 
Or book a Rebalancing, Breathwork or Ohmpunctuur Sound Healing session of 1,5 hours with us during your stay. You can read more of our special activities on the Personal Development page.

In all cases we aim to provide you an energizing stay, a stay in which you can calm down from the busy life you are leading. A stay in which you can find peace and relaxation.
A stay that truly nurtures you. 

Bienvenidos at our Casa de Conciencia

Location of our FInca, La Luna Llena

Our Finca

About us

We are Pieter & Bernadette, the proud owners of this house and land since 2019.
We origin from the Netherlands, where we sold our house, left our jobs and enjoy the freedom that we gained by taking these steps. We feel very privileged to be able to live here, at this quiet and beautiful natural spot.

Our ‘Finca’ originates from the 19th century and has been rebuild and reformed in a traditional way in 2008, using available stones and wooden beams for it's structure. We continued reforming it since we bought the place in 2019. 

Through our life, work and various courses and trainings, we deepened our self-knowledge and developed our ability to get in touch with a deep ‘knowing’ of what is important to our lives.
Our true nature, as we call it.

Bernadette traveled a lot in her working life, first as a Tourleader, after as a Program Manager in Humanitarian Aid. As such, she lived and worked in various countries in Asia and Africa.
Pieter spend his working life mainly as an IT Program Manager. 
His love for the piano started when he was 7 years old and this continues to be his most important hobby to this day. 

Both Bernadette & Pieter benefitted from trainings in Tai-Chi and were initiated in Reiki I & II.
We both participated in many Tibetan Buddhist Retreats in the Netherlands that made us more aware of the importance to use our human life the best we can. It has further shaped our respect for nature and all that lives. Which was part of our choice to emigrate to a quiet space in Spain. 

Bernadette became a Rebalancer in 2017 (, out of a desire to deepen her self knowledge and shape a more conscious life.  She also took a training in Breathwork in the years after (Connected Breath, to further deepen the Rebalancing sessions she gives. 

became a Ohmpunctuur Sound Practitioner in 2020, inspired by the Buddhist Teachings and awareness of his sensitivity capacities. Combined with his love for the piano and music, it was a logical choice to become a Sound Practitioner. 

With our life 'Off-grid' we hope to contribute to a conscious & more sustainable way of living

So Welcome at La Lluna Llena, Casa de Conciencia.

Rebalancing & Breathwork

Rebalancing is a body oriented approach that helps you to become more conscious of yourself. How you manage your life and how your mind and body cooperate in this. 

Often we are better connected to the mind (it tells me what to do and how to do it) than to the body (that is a part of us that just needs to do what our mind is telling us to). 

However, your body stores a great wisdom that we can learn to understand and feel.
While your mind can easily play tricks on us, your body never lies. Do you listen to your body when it tells you it is tired, cramped, hurting, tense? Or do you try to ignore it? 

Breath-work will support and deepen your experience to learn more about yourself, to better feel your body.
I can integrate parts of Breathwork in a Rebalancing session, to support your Healing process.

After a session, you will feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself.

I warmly invite you to discover and experience a Rebalancing or Breathwork session during your stay at our Casa. 

Sound Healing

The main goal of the Ohmpunctuur Sound Healing method is supporting and stimulating the self-healing power of your body and mind. 

I use Tibetan Sound Bowls in combination with Tuning Forcs. They all produce specific frequencies and vibrations that will interact with your body, organs and chakras. It enables you to restore the balance between body, soul and mind.

Furthermore it is a very relaxing and pleasant experience. It could help you to sleep better, get away from your stress, and more in contact with yourself. 

Being absorbed in a personal, interactive and beneficial Sound Bath, is a precious gift to yourself. 

You will love it!

Holidays that Touch


If you feel like having a peaceful holiday, in a green and quiet setting, in which you can recharge your battery, we think you will find our Casa the Perfect Place to Be!

Our house is located in the Spanish hills, at the end of a sandy road. It stands amid olive & almond trees (leftovers of it's time serving as a farm), and pine trees grow behind it on the hill.

Our house is off-grid, which means we only have solar energy, we harvest rain water for daily use, and make use of a septic tank. Your holiday with us will be sustainable

We like to offer you a Holiday with a Special Touch by staying at this quiet place and make use of the special activities we offer.

You can stay around, read a book, take a dip in our pool or choose from various activities like hiking, cycling, sight-seeing of beautiful old towns in our surrounding areas. Or go to the beach, have a nice swim and a meal if you like.

If you like to go deeper, we can offer you Rebalancig and Sound Healing sessions, as well as Active Meditations. Or you choose for a 1 day retreat or participate in our 3-days retreat.  

Whatever you choose, we hope you will spend some special days with us and go home with a nurtured body, mind and soul.