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    Holidays that Touch

Holidays that Touch

At La Luna Llena we like to offer you a Special Holiday in Spain, out of the tourist areas.
When you stay with us, you stay at 'the 'Campo', in a former agricultural area where in earlier centuries simple farmers have lived. They planted olive and almond trees and held some cattle.
The Finca we bought has been a ruine, reminding of earlier days, but was reformed by the former owner in the early years of 2000.
Since we bought the place in 2018, we have continued reforming the house and the terraces around it. But the greater part of our territory that covers 8 acres, is covered with pine trees and all kind of bushes.
So we can offer you a stay in this Quiet and Green environment; which hopeully will have a calming effect on you (as it has on us). This is a perfect place to get to rest, in touch with yourself and like-minded people. 

We hope you get touched by what you find here; the Silence, the Sunshine, the relaxed atmospheree.
And that you enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the twinkling stars at night.
Make some nice memories here and realise what really touches you in your life. Nurture your soul.

To offer you a Special Holiday with a deeper touch, we can offer you a 1 Day Private Retreat and/or sessions of Rebalancing, Breathwork and/or Ohmpunctuur Sound Healing. These sessions are designed to get you better in touch with yourself, your true being. To feel quiet and more in peace with yourself.
We are both experienced practitioners and like to share the beauty of our working field.

To support the Personal Development activities, we can offer you Active Osho Meditations on request.
early in the morning or late in the evening; they last about 1 hour.
These meditations are accompanied by music and are active; to help you to get out of your mind and get better connected to your body.
They bring you back to this moment, in the Here and Now. 


We also offer a 1 Day Retreat, in which you can taste from Meditation, Rebalancing and Sound Healing. This program runs in the morning and evening, the afternoon is off. It includes various exercises within the mentioned disciplines.

In July and August, the temperature of our pool water usually is good to have a Sound Session in water. A deep experience, as sound vibrates better in water then in air.  Up to you to try it!

We will serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during this day, so you can focus on the program.
A minimum of 2 people is required. Fee is Euro 100 p.p. (in addition to your room rate).

Sound bowl session in our swimming pool


Sea & Beach

As we are located at a 45 minutes drive from the Sea, you can easily visit from our location. A good option are the long beaches of Benicassim that provide a great walk. There are various nice places where you can hire a sun bed or go for a drink and/or a nice meal. 

You might also like to explore the harbour of Castellon - the Grau - or book a day boat tour to 'Islas Culumbretes'; 3 unspoiled islands close to the coast that you can visit and that also provide a great spot to snorkeling and diving. 

In Summer, music festivals, live music or yoga sessions are frequently offered. Some are free, some you need to pay for. 

If you prefer a more quiet place, we can advice you during your stay.

Please note that in the months of July and August, beaches are quite busy here with Spanish and foreign tourists. 

Paella marisco

Hiking & Cycling

If you like Walking / Hiking, you can find a great variety of routes, nearby our house or a bit further away in various National Parks.

Next to our Finca runs the GR 33, a long distance walking route, that takes you from the city of Castellon up to the top of the Penyagolosa (1.813m). You can walk this within 3 or 4 days. 

We can help you with finding a place to stay on your walking trip. Or arrange for dropping you and picking you up from your daily walk, to take you back to our Finca. 

If you are into Cycling, you can challenge yourself within the hilly area we live. Roads are good and relatively quiet. Spanish just love cycling, so you will probably meet a few on the road. 

If you are into more easy cycling, we recommend the "Via Verdes" , former railroad tracks that have been reformed into cycling and walking tracks. There are 2 close to our home:

1 - Via Verde del Mar: 10,8 km
Cycle track from Benicasim to Oropesa
2 - Ojos Negros, 167,5 km.
Cycle track from Teruel to Sagunto / Valencia

We can guide you in renting a bicycle.
Or bring your own and don't forget the compulsary helmet.

More about GR33

Sight Seeing & Valencia!

We can recommend to take time to visit the beautiful city of Valencia, that is located at a 1,5 hours drive from our Finca. 
If you come in March, you can experience the colorfull festival of the Fallas (photo).

We also warmly recommend to cruise through our "Hinterland' where you can find beautiful
Medieval villages and towns, mountaineous landscapes and beautiful views.
For example visit Vilafamès, Morella, Culla, Peniscola, Argelita, Lucena del Cid of Spanish Toscany. Visit old castles, interesting musea, and dwell through it's old streets to feel ancient history.

Or walk your way to the nearby village of Les Useres and enjoy a drink and/or a simple meal at the village bar. Or maybe you can indulge in local festivities during your stay, which will give you a taste of the Spanish way of Living.