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Are you interested to learn more about yourself?
Would you like to better understand what your body and mind are telling you?
Would you like go gain more consciousness on yourself?




We believe, that if you like to live in more harmony with yourself and others, and become more relaxed with your life, the first step is to gain more consciousness about yourself. Not only about how your mind ticks, but also how your mind cooperates with your body.

When you are conscious, you understand better which mechanisms shape your life.
This gives you an opportunity to take conscious choices and make changes in your life that you desire.

Learn to listen to your body.
Learn to listen to your heart.
Understand better how your mind works and influences your life.

Become a happier person.  

There are many ways to get there
We can offer you Rebalancing and Sound Healing to develop yourself further in the direction you choose.



Rebalancing is a body oriented approach to support personal growth.

I use voice dialoque to make you better understand what your mind is telling you. To make you conscious of the mechanisms you have that shape your life. 
We discuss topics of your choice and see how these relate to your body.
You become aware and feel how different topics find their resonance in your body.

I use stretching and massage techniques so you get more in touch with your body. Your body can release tensions and you become more relaxed.

Rebalancing is a process.
At your own pace you will become more conscious of yourself.
We will look into your childhood, your dreams, opportunities and dissapointments that occurred in your life and that brought you were you are now.

Is this where you want to be? What is hampering you to realise your dreams?
What are your strenghts, wath are your weaknesses and pitfalls? 
How can you manage them the way you prefer? 

Without breath there is no life

I use various breathing techniques within a session.
This will help you to relax parts of your body that feel tense.
It is also a way into your subconsiousness and your body, where mental and emotional experiences and sometimes deeper trauma, are stored.

You might recognize that repeating events in your life trigger your emotions in a way that bothers you. This is a signal that you have not yet completely integrated certain life experiences in your body, mind and soul. 

Deep breathing will allow your feelings to present themselves to you fully. 
We welcome these feelings, your Healing process has started.


Ohmpunctuur Sound Healing

Heal and Protect your Body, Soul and Mind

Ohmpunctuur Sound Healing aims to create deep relaxation and at the same time achieve long-term well-being. I use old Tibetan Sound Bowls as well as modern Tuning Forks to activate your energy flow and balance it. Both produce different frequencies that resonate in your energy field. Blocked energy in the long run can cause various health problems.
So Ohm Puncture can help you to stay healthy.

The sound and vibrations will act like a mirror.
It will show you your personal sound color. 
There is no judging involved.

Balance and un-balance and energitic pollution and obstructions will be revealed on a subtle level. You can actually hear and feel where your energy flow is being blocked and where it flows freely.
By applying specific frequencies the vibriations will support your self healing and so create a new and better energy balance. 

The positive effects of a sound healing session will continue for days or even longer. It is obvious that repetitive sessions with focus on different needs, will support you better.

Sound Healing Session

Each session contains active moments during which you will be standing, and more passive and relaxed moments where you will be lying down on a massage table and bathing in sound and vibrations.
An average session will take 1,5 to 2 hours and contains the following steps:

  • Aura cleaning
  • Chakra cleaning
  • Clearing of energy meridians and removing pollution
  • Filling Chakra´s
  • Sound bowl massage

During the session a mix of Tuning Forks and Tibetan sound bowls will be used. The different frequencies will resonate with the various parts of your body. .  


A Rebalancing session to support personal growth takes 1,5 hours.
Your 1st session costs Euro 25, so you can try it and feel if it serves you. 
Follow up sessions are Euro 50 each.

Shorter sessions of 1 hour are also possible, and cost Euro 35 each.
These aim at relaxing your shoulder, neck and head with a massage the 'Rebalancing Way'. 

Please fill out the contact form if you are interested.
We will get in touch with you soonest. 

Or if you just like to have some more information first, I am happy to explain to you the benefits and goals of Rebalancing.


A full Sound Healing session takes about 1,5 hours.
Your 1st session costs Euro 25, so you can try it and feel if it serves you. 
Follow up sessions are Euro 50 each. 

Short Sound Massage sessions of 30 minutes are also available.
They focus at relaxation, and cost Euro 20 each.

Please fill out the contact form if you are interested. 
We will get in touch with you soonest. 

Or if you just like to have some more information first, I am happy to explain to you the benefits and goals of Sound Healing. 

Background on Rebalancing

Rebalancing originally started in the grow-and meditation centre of the Spiritual master Osho.
He truly recognized that the human body is the temple of our soul, our true nature. We are not our thoughts, dreams, perceptions or what is playing around in our mind. The head is an important part of our being, but it does not bring us in touch with our Real Self.
The body however can and will if you are willing to open up to it.

Around Osho various western practitioners with a focus to work on/with the body gathered to learn from each other and take the best of each approach for the benefit of Personal growth. Rebalancing is influenced by Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Träger approach, Alexander technic, Bio-energetic and Craniosacral therapy.

Osho also developed various meditations, especially for Western busy minds; these meditations are ‘dynamic’, using the body actively, in order to help you to shut down your mind and listen to your ‘knowing’ that goes beyond your head. 

You are very welcome to participate in the dynamic meditations of Osho during your stay with us. For more specific information on Osho, his filosofy and the meditations, check 

Origin Ohm Punctuur Sound Healing

Peter Gouw and his teacher Lama Gangchen in Italy

The Ohmpunctuur Sound Healing Method has been developed by Peter Gouw in the Netherlands from 2008 onwards. It combines old Tibetan Sound Rituals with Modern Science about sounds, vibrations and cleaning of energetic pollution.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine, using Sound Bowls that are made of 7 different metals, clean up energy disturbances inside and outside of the body. This way diseases have been and still are being cured.

The Tuning Forcs are modern, consist of 1 metal and have a specific frequency that resonates with your 7 chakra's. 
Together they provide a great scala of sound & vibrations to support your energy balance.