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GR33 is a long distance path that starts at sea level in Castellon de la Plana and ends after 65km via the Hermitage de San Joan de Penyagolosa, to it's peak at 1814 meters high. It is a varied hike taking you up through the mountains across old villages and beautiful nature. 
When you reach the peak, and the weather is clear, you have a beautiful sight over the area, sometimes you can even see the isle of Ibiza from here!

It is called the Sendero the La Luna Llena, because each year Pilgrims elected from the village of Les Useres (or Useras) walk this path within 2 days and 1 night non-stop. They are supported by a group of volunteers that carry and cook their meals. When they return to the village of Useras, they await a great welcome and are being blessed by the local priest. A spectacle that is dear to the local community. 

Of course you don't need to be a pilgrim to walk this trail. 
We can recommend it to anyone who loves to hike, and enjoys passing by old villages and beautiful mountain landscapes. Without meeting too many others on the way up. And because the sendero passes 300 meters away from our house, it is easy to make a start. 
The sendero is well indicated with the long-distance white&red marks on the way.

Some details:

Distance to the top:      65 km
Ascent difference:      2.720m
Descent difference:    1.605 m

Recommended stages:
Day 1: Castellon - Borriol
Day 2: Borriol - Useras (Useras is located at a 2,5km walk from our Finca La Luna Llena)
Day 3: Useras - Xodos
Day 4: Xodos - Hermita de San Joan
Day 5: Hermita de San Juan - top of the Penyagolosa (18..... m) and return to your hotel. 

It is good to have some hiking experience and eventhough this sendero is marked it is important you take a map. If necessary, take walking sticks to support climb and descend.
This sendero is not difficult to walk, but weather conditions can make it hard at times (heat or sudden change of weather when you reach the top). Make sure you bring a small back pack, good shoes and rain gear. 

Recommended periods to hike:
* Spring time: months of March-April-May-mid June
* Late Summer & Autumn: months of September-October-mid November


If you are interested to make this hike (or parts of it) we can facilitate this by picking you up  at the end of your hiking day to take you back to our Finca. Of course we then take you to your starting point the next day so you can continue your hike. 

We can also support you in finding a place to stay in the village on your way up.
Your luggage transport can also be arranged.

Ask us for details and (reasonable) prices that come with it.

One of the signboards of the GR33

Altitude from Castellon to the Penyagolosa Peak

Along the road

Penyagolosa top

Top of the Penyagolosa

Useras - Atzeneta

On the way between Useras and Atzeneta